All loft conversions have to be constructed according to strict Building Regulations. This includes rules on fire precautions, access and escape routes. We have been through this process over the years, and will be happy to make the applications on your behalf. It is in everyone's interest to secure the correct planning permission before work commences.


Party wall Act - Your Rights under the Party Wall Act

The Act basically allows you to work on a party wall. For example:

  • To cut into the wall to support a load-bearing beam.
  • To demolish and rebuild the wall. Warning - forgetting to put the wall back may result in neighbours wandering freely through your home.
  • To increase the height and/or thickness of the wall.
  • To insert a damp proof course through the wall.

If you have approval for your loft conversion you must still comply with the Party Wall Act.


 Fire Regulations: Building regulations ensure that the correct means of escape are built with the correct smoke detection, insulation, fire escape windows and build materials in the right locations.


 Insulation: Apart from heat retention and fire safety, using value insulation will ensure heat reflection and sound insulation is attained.


Ventilation:  Adequate ventilation will ensure there is no condensation resulting in an unhealthy environment. A vapour protection layer is included to prevent roof spaces from condensation
Planning Steps – Architect Drawings (We will provide pictures to show the stages of planning)


Electrical Safety: An electrical safety certificate is required for the final building regulation certificate.





  National Federation Of Builders  
  * Once planning has been approved *